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Opening Session

Short-Term Pathways to Finance the Net-Zero Energy Transition: The “No Nonsense” Way



To reach a net-zero economy by 2050, annual clean energy investments must increase from $1 trillion to $3.5 trillion by 2030. However, market challenges such as volatility, high inflation, energy crises and geopolitical tensions pose increasing risks for investors. Despite these challenges, investing in clean energy solutions and related technologies offers global investors opportunities to build future -proof portfolios. This session collected key recommendations on how investors can build resilient portfolios and governments can establish effective regulatory frameworks to accelerate the green energy transition and reach 2030 targets.

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Mike Hemsley 


Deputy DirectorEnergy Transition Commission

Geraldine Ang picture_edited.jpg

Geraldine Ang

Team Lead, Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) Programme, Environment DirectorateOECD

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Nicole Iseppi

Managing Director - Global Energy InnovationBezos Earth Fund

Tim Lord_edited.jpg

Tim Lord

Head of Climate ChangeHSBC UK

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