Catalysing Real Investments for Clean Energy and Climate Solutions by 2030

Now in its third year, Climate Investment Summit is proving itself as the leading summit for climate investments, green business models and public-private partnerships.

Climate Investment Summit is the flagship event in the Climate Investment Coalition's investment roadmap and is a unique global forum for investments in global climate solutions this decade, to ensure an energy secure and sustainable future for us all.


Climate Investment Summit measures impact through three indicators: Environmental, Economic and Political.

Environmental Impact

Climate Investment Summit convenes the world’s leading high-level public and private sector stakeholders in climate finance, public sector and project development to build the business case for climate solutions. Through cross-sector partnerships, best practice investment models and key announcements, the Summit supports the mobilisation and deployment of vital climate capital around the world to reach 2030 climate targets. 

Economic Impact

Economic Impact

Climate Investment Summit is the key convening for the Climate Investment Coalition’s global institutional investor network and partners to support the mobilisation of financial commitments for climate solutions by 2030.


The Summit builds on the Coalition’s unparalleled total collective commitment from Nordic and UK pension funds of US$130 billion to be invested in clean energy and climate investments by 2030. It acts as a high-level platform for investors to present key announcements, best practices and to build partnerships that will facilitate accelerated climate investments.

Political Impact

Climate Investment Summit creates public-private sector ambition loops that align with institutional incentives to improve enabling framework conditions and increase investor action to support climate investments. 

Outcomes of Climate Investment Summit


Climate Investment Summit catalyses ambitious pledges as a platform for climate finance commitments and announcements. These include:

  • The announcement of the Danish insurance and pension industry’s investment of US$ 11 billion in clean energy investments since its conditional commitment made in 2019, of US$ 55 billion to be invested by 2030.

  • The Climate Investment Coalition launched a process with Nordic pension funds to contribute with commitments to green investments leading up to the COP26. This led to the announcement at COP26 of a total collective commitment of US$ 130 billion to be invested in climate solutions by 2030.

  • Strengthened transatlantic coalition building and engagement to mobilise real-world investments in EU’s Green New Deal and Biden’s Build Back Better plan.