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Catalysing Real Investments for Clean Energy and Climate Solutions by 2030

Climate Investment Summit is the leading summit for climate investments, green business models and public-private partnerships.

The Summit aims to build new and impactful partnerships and coalitions that can provide solutions for and foster action towards a green economy. 

Climate Investment Summit measures its impact and theory of change through three indicators: Global, Sectoral and Organisational. 


Global Impact

Climate Investment Summit facilitates global cross-sector collaboration and best practice to support the deployment of investments across asset classes in clean energy and climate solutions by and before 2030.

It brings together the foremost leading stakeholders that are leading by example, to highlight the business models and cases that are accelerating climate solutions, sending a clear market signal that climate finance is ready to scale up and shifting the world into a net-zero economy. 

Sectoral Impact

Climate Investment Summit is co-hosted by the Climate Investment Coalition, whose network of Nordic and UK asset owners collectively committed an unparalleled US$130 billion to be invested in clean energy and climate investments by 2030. The Summit demonstrates real cases, strategies and solutions to shift the finance sector towards climate-positive action. 


Climate Investment Summit acts as a high-level platform for investors to demonstrate a clear business case, present key announcements and cultivate partnerships that will build support for change and impact the real economy. 

Arne Staal Photo_edited.jpg

The Climate Investment Coalition’s $130 billion commitment to scale investments in clean energy infrastructure in emerging and developed markets in the next eight years is an important signal to other investors. It also reflects the immense task in transforming an entire energy system based on coal, oil and gas to one based on clean energy.

Arne Staal, CEO, FTSE Russell; Head of Benchmarks & Indices, London Stock Exchange Group

Organisational Impact

Working with businesses, asset managers, asset owners, governments and civil society around the world, Climate Investment Summit facilitates a positive impact on finance. driven by organisations. 


By aligning different organisations across sectors with global frameworks and existing finance partnerships, the summit aims to enhance commitments and deployment for climate finance. 

Peter-damgaard-jensen-2018 (1)_edited.jpg

It is clear that climate finance and investments must, now more than ever, remain at the centre of our discussions, in the short and long term. The Climate Investment Summit proves that there is still interest and demand from the finance sector to do so.

Peter Damgaard Jensen, Co-Chair, Climate Investment Coalition

Key Outcomes of Climate Investment Summit 2023


Climate Investment Summit catalyses ambitious pledges as a platform for climate finance commitments and announcements. These include:

Partnering to Green the Built Environment

The Green Finance Institute and the World Climate Foundation announced their partnership to establish and run the Built Environment Programme in Denmark. This programme will establish, operationalise and co-develop financial mechanisms that will scale up green real estate investments, initially in Denmark with an aim to increase across Europe.

Investment Roadmap to COP29


The Climate Investment Coalition announced its programme to collaborate with key global and cross-sector partners to build innovative business and financial models in nature and climate  by 2030.

Radical Collaboration to achieve the SDGs - UAE representation


Her Highness Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President and Chief Executive Officer, UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators (UICCA) announced her vision of crucial collaboration between national and corporate stakeholders, citing the example of blended or concessionary finance, which uses both public and private sources of capital as a way of removing much of the risk from climate investing. 

Accelerating Carbon Credits


Bezos Earth Fund reinstated their Energy Transition Accelerator (ETA), in collaboration with the US Department of State and The Rockefeller Foundation and announced that they will share further commitments and the initial members of the group of corporate sovereign buyers of the ETA at COP28. ETA drives private investment in the implementation of energy transition strategies that deliver deeper, earlier greenhouse gas reductions in developing countries.

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