Convening Ambitious Leaders

to Create an International Wave of Climate Commitments by 2030

Climate Investment Summit is a globally leading event aimed at accelerating climate investments by 2030, creating immediate impact on the real economy and sustainable energy transition.


As a flagship event of the Climate Investment Coalition, it supports the channelling of transformational capital commitments, including the total collective commitment by Nordic and UK pension funds of US$130 billion announced at COP26 for climate investments by 2030 and promotes green business models to accelerate immediate and concrete climate investments.

The Summit provides a crucial platform for stakeholder engagement and networking, high-level announcements, thought leadership, transition strategies and best practices to mobilise global climate commitments.

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Addressing the climate crisis will require bold, comprehensive solutions, cross-sector collaboration and major private sector investment. The climate crisis is not coming – it’s already here. If we have any hope of saving our planet, we must accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy now. The Climate Investment Summit provides global leaders the opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate on developing the solutions necessary to tackle this crisis.


Tom Steyer, Co-Chair of Galvanize Climate Solutions, California Business Leader; Philanthropist and Clean Energy Advocate; Former 2020 Presidential Candidate

Climate Investment Summit 2022

This year, Climate Investment Summit will convene the Climate Investment Coalition’s leading network of public and private sector stakeholders in climate finance. Taking place as an in-person and digital event alongside London Climate Action Week on 28 June, it will showcase the international wave of ready-to-invest climate investments, successful investment cases across sectors and geographies and key announcements supporting the net-zero transition.

Who you will meet

Climate Investment Summit convenes high-profiled public and private sector stakeholders from its leading international network in climate finance and net-zero transition, such as:

Asset Managers

Including investment banks, infrastructure funds and other financial institutions representing public & private finance

Asset Owners

Including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, foundations & other investors


Including project developers, energy companies and utilities & technology providers

International Organisations

Global initiatives & alliances representing public and private interests

Government Representatives

From the state, regional and local level & their associated bodies

Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities in Denmark 

"The political response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must reap the synergies between job creation and climate action. Huge amounts of money will be mobilised to boost our economies, and we must seize that as an opportunity to tip the scales from black to green. Institutional investors will play a key role in making the recovery a green one"

Key Strengths of the Climate Investment Summit 2022

Network of Over 40 Pension Funds Actively Engaged in Climate Finance

Announcing Commitments

& Climate Finance

Action Plans

Unique Business-Oriented Focus for 2030 Climate Targets

Accelerating Green Investments Globally

Best Practice Green Finance & Investment Models

Creating Impact Through Public-Private Partnerships

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