Intensifying Collaboration on Increasing Private Climate Investment & Finance at a Global Level

Climate Investment Summit aims to accelerate climate investments through key announcements and by showcasing global best practice and enabling policy frameworks to accelerate climate action and promote green economic recovery.


It’s a key platform to present commitments, announcements and achievements from the Climate Investment Coalition and its leading cross-sector investor network. The Summit brings together ambitious global investors, asset managers, businesses, governments and media to work across sectors to develop investable markets for climate solutions through joint public and private sector ambition loops.


Climate Investment Summit aims to provide a crucial stakeholder engagement and networking platform for high-level announcements, thought leadership, transition strategies and best practices to achieve the climate investments

required to meet  2030 climate targets.


It provides opportunities for collaboration, international cross-sector dialogue on creating sustainable markets,

partnerships on solutions and new investment opportunities.

Climate Investment Summit 2022 

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The people attending made the difference for us. Not only is the Climate Investment Summit a highly informative event, it also brings together key stakeholders from around the world to share best practices, research and insights necessary to achieve new frontiers in sustainable climate solutions. It is all about reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement and the net-zero transition together.

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Rupert Cadbury, Fixed Income Portfolio Strategist at State Street Global Advisors

About Climate Investment Coalition

Climate Investment Summit is a key event in the Climate Investment Coalition’s roadmap to COP28. The Climate Investment Coalition (CIC) has proven its ability to catalyse real investments for clean energy and climate solutions and create a direct and immediate impact on capital markets in line with Paris Agreement goals.


At COP26 in Glasgow, the Climate Investment Coalition supported the mobilisation and announcement of a collective Nordic and UK pension fund commitment of US$130 billion. This notable announcement was made by 41 pension funds - announced by Nordic Heads of State and Government and CEOs of Nordic and UK pension funds. The commitments are to be invested in clean energy and climate by 2030 and reported on annually.


Now in its third year, CIC does precisely what is required for change in capital allocation at scale: it works with leading high-level public and private sector stakeholders in climate finance, public sector and project developers, to raise ready-to-invest, climate capital commitments.