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Emmanuel Nyirinkindi

Vice President, Cross-Cutting Solutions

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Emmanuel Nyirinkindi is IFC’s Vice President of Cross-Cutting Solutions. He is responsible for overseeing cross-cutting services globally, including public-private partnerships (PPPs) and corporate finance, global Upstream projects to proactively create new investible opportunities and markets, sustainability and gender solutions, and climate. His leadership ensures that climate, gender and E&S best practices are embedded throughout IFC operational work as well as Upstream activities. IFC’s Western Europe and Tokyo teams also fall under Mr. Nyirinkindi’s leadership, as he fosters strong relationships with World Bank Group counterparts to identify collaboration opportunities to enhance client and business delivery.

Before becoming Vice President, Mr. Nyirinkindi served as IFC’s Global Director for Transaction Advisory Services. He has over 14 years of IFC experience, working mainly across infrastructure development, including, since 2015, in his role leading the global Public-Private Partnerships Transaction Advisory and Corporate Financial Services teams and operations. Mr. Nyirinkindi first joined IFC’s Johannesburg office in 2006 as a Senior Investment Officer, and served as the Regional Manager of IFC’s Public-Private Partnerships Advisory Services for Africa before moving to Washington, D.C.

Prior to joining IFC, Mr. Nyirinkindi worked for the Government of Uganda’s Ministry of Finance where he introduced public-private partnerships in the electricity and railway sectors and coordinated legal and regulatory reforms in the basic infrastructure sectors. He worked with the Faculty of Commerce at Makerere University in Kampala, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Mr. Nyirinkindi also holds an MBA from the University of Kansas.

Emmanuel Nyirinkindi
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