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Mohamed Hegazy

Transport Lead, High-Level Climate Champions

Transport Lead with the Climate Champions Team (PT), working towards an equitable Decarbonisation of transport. We work to align the real economy (Business, Finance, Civil Society) with the Paris Agreement. 


Founder and Director of Transport for Cairo (TfC) L.L.P. TfC provides strategic advisory consultancy services, data, tech and research to improve urban mobility in emerging cities. With TfC, I successfully led the completion of more than 50 projects in 10 countries in Africa.  


With 10 years of experience in project leadership, I focus on data collection, data aggregation, data science & urban computing to transform ideas into practice. Academically trained in Economics, Sociology and Public Policy design, I specialize in solving real world problems around deep decarbonisation of transport, informal system change management and digitalisation of transport using data-driven methodologies. 


Born in Cairo, Egypt and have cum laude degrees in Economics from the American University in Cairo (2012) and Governing the Large Metropolis from Sciences Po, Paris (2018). Received training at the Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University, New York (2018). Currently based in Cairo. 

Mohamed Hegazy
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