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Ben Broche

Associate Director, Climate Finance, CPI

Ben Broché leads CPI’s Innovative Finance and Capital Mobilization work globally, and is the acting Director for CPI’s US-based team, guiding and overseeing the team’s technical work in climate finance and leading external engagement and new program development.

Ben’s work includes overseeing the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab), a coalition of over 100 governments, development finance institutions, and private investors that identifies, develops, and launches innovative financial instruments to drive billions in private capital to renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable cities, land use, and other sectors. The Lab has mobilized more than $4.1 billion in investment toward climate action in developing and emerging economies.

Ben also leads the CPI team delivering The Catalytic Climate Finance Facility—a joint venture between CPI and Convergence—which accelerates financing and implementation of innovative and high-impact climate structures in developing economies through grant seed funding and technical support.

Previously, Ben worked with multinational companies on climate and ESG strategies at the management consultancy BSR. 

Ben holds a M.Sc. in International Development Studies from the University of Bristol.

Ben Broche
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