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Session 2B

Emerging Markets and Developing Economies: Managing Risks to Accelerate Energy Infrastructure Investments



Power projects present complex risks, but public and private sector solutions, strategies, and business models can help manage them. This session delivered guidance where we are and where we still need to go to incentivise greater investments in the clean energy transition in emerging markets and developing economies. What are the solutions in risk management in energy infrastructure investments for emerging markets? 


Peter Damgaard Jensen


Co-Chair, Climate Investment Coalition


Patrick Krappie

Acting CEO, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) of South Africa

Headshot Sagarika Chatterjee.png

Sagarika Chatterjee


Department Director, Climate Finance, Climate Champions

Cecilia Tam photo_edited.jpg

Cecilia Tam

Senior Investment Analyst, International Energy Agency


Alexandra Paltschik Rønneberg

Advisor Corporate Responsibility, KLP

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