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Vivek Pathak

Director and Global Head of Climate Business of International Finance Corporation

Vivek has been passionate about climate for most of his career. In his current role, he takes inspiration from two of his strongest beliefs – that the world needs urgent action to combat climate change, and that addressing climate change will generate huge business opportunities for the private sector and capital markets. As IFC’s Global Head and Director of Climate Business, Vivek looks for these opportunities and works to mobilize capital needed to move them forward. He also leads business development, guides standard-setting and new product design, and connects the dots across the corporation to mainstream the climate lens into all IFC’s business. He believes that the private sector will be key to greening major sectors of national economies – from energy and transport to agriculture and manufacturing – and is committed to helping clients who are working to move the needle on the low-carbon transition in their countries and communities.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Pathak was IFC’s Regional Director for East Asia and Pacific, where he led operations across 18 countries, reaching $4.2 billion in long-term investment in fiscal year 2020, and was one of the first at IFC to integrate climate into all aspects of the business. Before that, he was IFC’s Director and Global Head of Credit and Investment Risk. He had also held multiple leadership roles managing portfolio, credit risk, and business development in frontier markets at IFC, Bank of America and ABN AMRO Bank. He started his career in advertising, where he learned the importance of knowing your audience, and the power of words to change the world.
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