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The Climate Investment Summit is closely following all required guidelines from the WHO and relevant health authorities to deliver an event that ensures the health and safety of our participants.


Climate Investment Summit 2021 is a leading summit aimed at increasing investments in climate and green recovery - built on the experience of practitioners, best practice business models and cross-sector collaboration.

Accelerating Green Investments

The Climate Investment Summit is a pivotal milestone in the Climate Investment Coalition’s investment roadmap leading to a historical COP26 and beyond.

The Road to COP26 2021


It is a pleasure to take part in this important Climate Investment Summit. Your contribution has been and will remain crucial for the success of the global efforts on climate change. Finance is the live plot of the economy. The transition towards a green and clean sustainable economy will ultimately depend on the availability of adequate funding.


Patricia Espinosa,

Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Key focus areas in 2021

Investment Roadmap to COP26

Accelerating green capital commitments to be invested by 2030 through best practice investment strategies and public-private partnerships.

Mobilising Green Investments in Emerging Markets.

Accelerating green Investments in emerging markets & developing contries through public-private collaboration, successful financial vehicles and highlighting key country cases.

The Energy Technologies og tomorrow

Highlighting the promising green technologies and strategies for their investment and deployment to accelerate global decarbonisation and net-zero transition.

Building a European Global green powerhouse

Presenting global business and investment opportunities to achieve the EU green deal and create a global powerhouse.

Who You Will Meet in 2021 

The Summit will gather leading international stakeholders and decision-makers such as:



Presentations, Panel Discussions & Side Events

High-level keynote presentations

Workshops & interactive dialogues

Interactive & one-on-one networking opportunities


Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities in Denmark 

"The political response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must reap the synergies between job creation and climate action. Huge amounts of money will be mobilised to boost our economies, and we must seize that as an opportunity to tip the scales from black to green. Institutional investors will play a key role in making the recovery a green one"


Climate Investment Summit 2020

The Climate Investment Summit promotes strategies to accelerate a sustainable future through public and private collaboration, and prioritising long-term green investments to support achieving substantial climate targets, whilst reaching post-pandemic economic recovery.

Day 1Climate Investment Summit, 2020

Day 2Climate Investment Summit, 2020

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